A friend is recovering from a surgery and yellow is her favourite colour. Originally, I planned to just send her this yellow bright polka-dot hot pad but this morning as I chanced upon a pin, a very bright sunny coaster on Pinterest, I wanted to make her a pair and send across along with the hot pad. This being the month of Ramzaan she would be fasting the entire day. I just hope she likes my gifts and uses it in the evening when she breaks her fast, at the time of Iftar :)


the yellow coasters are from a tutorial by Marie, from her blog and can be found here. However I will just reiterate it here, more to myself so I can fall back to this when I want to make a few more.


(adapted from Marie with only change in language, no change in instruction. she is the owner of the design and tutorial)

Row 1: Chain 4 and join with slip stitch to form a ring

Row2: Chain 3 which forms the first double crochet(DC) and continue with 11 more DCs and ens with a slip stitch on the 3rd chain that you initially started the row with. Total 12 DCs, with 11 of them originating from the well of the ring.

Row 3: Again start with 3 chain, one DC into the same hole from where the chain originated and then 2 DC in each of the holes from there on; 24 DCs in all.

Row 4:
chain 2, which is considered the first HDC and then made another HDC into the same hole. Continue with 2HDCs in each hole.

Row 5: The rays of the sun: chain 5, then turn back on the same chain and after missing 1 stitch, 1SC, 1HDC, 1DC and 1TC. This forms the triangle. join it to the base after 5 chains with a Slip stitch, followed by a single crochet in the next chain. proceed with the other triangles similarly and close when done with a loop.

Cut yarn after leaving an inch. Using a crochet hook thread in the yarn end into the coaster labyrinth so as to make it disappear into your work.

This is a very easy coaster pattern and took me a lot lesser than an hour to make a pair. One can make half a dozen in different colours to help identify wine glasses for guests. The final size of the coasters turned out to bee 4.5inch each.

A couple of quilting friends were making bags from torn fabric yarn. I had also seen a few projects made out of such yarn around the net a while back. So, when asked to join the bandwagon, I quickly jumped in.

T shirt yarn

However, decided on making it using some T-shirt yarn. It was rather easy and therapeutic, if I may say, to cut half inch strips from an old t-shirt and roll into a yarn bundle.

T shirt yarn 2

T shirt yarn 3

Then I joined each strip with 2 slits on either end and pulling a loop though the slit. With the largest crochet crochet needle available at home, a simply made an easy doily continuing in concentric circles until I reached reached the end of the yarn.

T shirt yarn 4

Lovely easy project …very different in texture and form from the other quilting projects I do.

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This quilt top is modeled after the Mod Chevron baby Quilt by Rashida Coleman Hale. Keeping to the tradition of adding a little ‘me’ into everything I do, the quilt top has been made using a layer cake of 10×10″ pieces. So each quilt block is achieved by joining the HSTs and measures around 9.5″ square.

The quilt is composed of 6×8 quilt blocks and would measure around 60×80 when completed.

What is really cool about the quilt top is that it uses fabric from my stash :) Not a single piece is bought from the store and I am really really happy about it.


Here the quilt top lies on my balcony railing. With the rain clouds on the horizon, its impossible to get a bright snap outside.

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As Monsoon sets in, dark cloudy days are ahead ! So the last of the fabric lot is in cheerful summer hues to keep the spirits soaring high.

SS_15Jun a

Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, that’s the only time when Mumbai looks green and beautiful. It somehow romnticizes the mundane daily chores and makes one bear the daily grind…

There is a set of coordinated prints: yellow, green, brown; 2 cyan and sea blue mix,1 pink flower fabric (wish I had it before I cut up fabric for the latest quilt, would have used some of it). Along with this, what i spotted was some fine white wool that looks like rice noodles and 4 pairs of socks. Monsoon is usually cooler her and a pair of socks would just be fine for a darling gift for a close one.
SS_15Jun b

I plan to have a crochet border on these and the rice noodle wool seems to be the best fit as wool would provide the much needed stretch character to the border as against cotton thread.

Last month I tried a chevron quit for the first time. Yes, You read it right…first time !!
It turned out fine and all the points quite matched up…

I have now renewed energy to make another one, slightly differently laid HSTs, but then a chevron quilt once again:) Its based on the free tutorial by Rashida Coleman Hale’s Mod Chevron baby quilt, but as always, I have to add a little bit of _me_ in the quilt. I am using a layer cake and assorted fabric from my stash:)


here is the set of layer cake and a coloured diagram of the quilt I intend to make…some triangles look smudgy as my little one coloured them in variegated crayons! That’s life with a little one at home who is enjoying his summer vacation with mom’s idea book and crayons :)

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A nice library tote came together this morning . A lovely, easy, on the go tote to carry a book or two with a notepad.
What’s more, it’s really easy to make and takes a little less than an hour to make. I like the strawberry fabric of the bag and it beautifuly complements the flowers in the bag strap. It’s roughly 12″X14″ and long straps ensure it hangs by your side as you go shopping for more fabric :)


I am giving away this tote for the Sew mama Sew – handmade items giveaway at their site.


The giveaway if open to international participants.
You can participate by leaving me a comment on this post, telling me places that you carry your tote to…library, fabric shopping or some other place :) For an additional entry, you can follow my blog.

Connie Cain wins this giveaway! Congratulation Connie, have mailed you.

A meter each of cute red strawberry fabric, pink flower print for a baby quilt and plain cyan b’coz OMG! I cant live without it !

Sunday Stash

The strawberry fabric is so cute, I am running to make a tote out of it right now !

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