Last month I tried a chevron quit for the first time. Yes, You read it right…first time !!
It turned out fine and all the points quite matched up…

I have now renewed energy to make another one, slightly differently laid HSTs, but then a chevron quilt once again:) Its based on the free tutorial by Rashida Coleman Hale’s Mod Chevron baby quilt, but as always, I have to add a little bit of _me_ in the quilt. I am using a layer cake and assorted fabric from my stash:)


here is the set of layer cake and a coloured diagram of the quilt I intend to make…some triangles look smudgy as my little one coloured them in variegated crayons! That’s life with a little one at home who is enjoying his summer vacation with mom’s idea book and crayons :)

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A proud moment when I finally completed my quilt and gifted it to my sister, 2 days after her birthday and a year+a month after her first anniversary :)
A quilt was scheduled for her wedding but I never could muster enough courage to attempt a large quilt.This is the first full-size quilt that I have attempted and successfully completed. Am so proud of it. Herez my lovely sis and the little one modelling the quilt at her house beside the beach :)

And a thumbs up to a lot more on the anvil !!

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Sew Fresh Quilts

This is an experiment gone wrong. While I tried doing the Mayflower block, I trued to twist and see how it would look if I decreased the width of the bars. The resulting block is just a cross and looks nowhere close to beautiful Mayflower.


However, I completed a quilt block with diamond panes from Week 1

Diamond panes Quilt Top

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Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along
stitch by stitch

Sew Cute Tuesday

Here is this week’s paper pieced block: bright, matching points and a new learning. The block actually came together quite easily despite my trepidation ….

What I also accomplished this week is an entire quilt top with blocks from week1.

This quilt top, first in a series of large quilts(anything larger than a baby quilt is a milestone for me) almost broke my back completing. But I am glad its done…

Mosaic quilt

Now, for the quilting. I am wondering, if I should just hand quilt it!
I have a small standard home sewing machine and a quilt the size of my double bed may not fit into it.

I have a few excess blocks left from the quilt. Hope I am able to make a pair of cushion covers to go with the quilt :)

Mosaic quilt 2

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Last evening a friend, Kausalya made a wonderful pouch with ribbon embroidery. I absolutely loved the pouch she made and on being appreciated she set me up for a healthy challenge: If I made a bag in a day then the pouch would be mine :)
I pounced at the opportunity but what could I possibly make in a day!!

First was of course, a choice of fabric and I decided to use the red fabric that I had won in another challenge from her. Very appropriate for the occasion…

Mosaic Tile A

Then the bag construction per se…

Recently I seem to be obsessing over the quilt block from the Mosaic Block Quilt along. First I made this quilt top, then I made some cushions from the left over quilt blocks and in the same week I tried some more cushions(more on that later!) and now a tote :)

Its made of basic blocks of 8X8″ in red and 8X4″ with 15.5X4″ of grey.

Mosaic Tile B

The bright red is just right for the Valentine’s week!

Mosaic Tile C

The bag is hand quilted with running stitch in Anchor Perl 8- Red and quilted with thin batting which I bought from another friend Shanaz for the quilt top…

Linking it to the Mosaic quilt Along !

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

The first half of the day was spent making this block. Yes! you read it right…its the singular form of the ‘block’ and trust me, the entire first half! Not because the block is difficult, its rather easy and interesting, but the decision to take up another project while a pile of UFOs already occupy a larger share of my table space took time.
But I just loved the block construction and wanted to give it a try the first time I saw the book cover!


This block is a landmark in my quilting career:
(a) Because I have set a steep target of making my sister a quilt before her next birthday, which, I must tell you is right around the corner and
(b) because its piecing a block, cutting it into 4 squares, rearranging and stitching them back again
and I am quite afraid of getting those thousand points in place, if cutting-piecing-cutting-repiecing wasnt intimidating enough!!

The second half of the day was spent in making these 12 core blocks that translated into a total of 5 blocks(each 24″ X 24″). 9 more blocks need to cut-sewn-cut…and so on.

These are the larger blocks as detailed here

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

It has been a hard day’s night. Hubby was traveling on a late night flight so I slept at 3.30am this morning…had to wake up early as kid had to be sent to school, followed by a very involved and stressful day at work. By the time I reached home and finished my dinner I was almost dead. However, I was bent upon finishing this one quilt block from the Vintage Quilt revival weekly block…and so I did. I didn’t manage both the blocks but I am proud of the one I made.

Vintage Quilt Revival 3

Thankfully the seams are matching up and this is possibly the block with maximum points to match…

All 3 finished blocks are here…
Vintage Quilt Revival_3

As the clock strikes 1:00am, I post the New Post! If there is time tomorrow morning, then I will sew the finishing lines and post a wonderful project, else, it moves to the next day!

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Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along

My first quilt this year would be from the book Modern bee. They had a blog tour last year end on their site and are now hosting a Quilt along here

I am completely enamoured by Cordelia’s garden, which is based on Katie’s garndmom’s quilt. It could be a nice and slow EPP project or one with HSTs…small HSTs scare me and EPP are a favourite. So am yet undecided as to which path I must take. Maybe, the road not taken :)

I have some bright solids in mind for the project and here is a picture of my diagram of the block. Just trying out some colour combinations.
Cordelia's garden

As this quilt would be a gift for my sister’s birthday next month, I might just choose the Mosaic Tiles. They look very _her_

Photo courtesy: Modern Bee Book

Photo courtesy: Modern Bee Book

I am quite undecided currently. Thank God for deadlines :) I cannot dwell upon this forever and will have to make a quick decision to start.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I saw this amazingly cute gumdrops quilt in the book Sunday Morning Quilts, by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison at Lake view Stitching and a ‘lil google search told me what a gumdrops quilt was. It looked easy to achieve and my sewing machine desperately needed a cover.

A little math…


some cutting… and sewing …

got me to the scrappy quilt top. I was always apprehensive about raw edged applique and this project worked out great in allaying the doubts. It looks beautifully colourful and peps up my mood each time I sit at my work table :)

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