I love the versatility of this block and the fact that after the basic blocks are prepared and cut, you have the world open to you in terms of arranging the colour scheme and cut blocks .

Cushion 2

I had a few blocks left from the quilt top and hence I conjured up a pair of cushion covers from them to go with the quilt :)

More fun as part of the mosaic tile quilt along !

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

This is week 1 of the Vintage Quilt Revival Quilt-Along at Sukie’s blog and since I have been eagerly awaiting this day, here are my blocks of week 1 :
Tea leaf and
Double Z block


I plan to make the complete Spiced chai quilt, of which, currently only a few of the coloured and neutral blocks are cut.

Linking it to the quilt along !

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along
stitch by stitch

My first quilt this year would be from the book Modern bee. They had a blog tour last year end on their site and are now hosting a Quilt along here

I am completely enamoured by Cordelia’s garden, which is based on Katie’s garndmom’s quilt. It could be a nice and slow EPP project or one with HSTs…small HSTs scare me and EPP are a favourite. So am yet undecided as to which path I must take. Maybe, the road not taken :)

I have some bright solids in mind for the project and here is a picture of my diagram of the block. Just trying out some colour combinations.
Cordelia's garden

As this quilt would be a gift for my sister’s birthday next month, I might just choose the Mosaic Tiles. They look very _her_

Photo courtesy: Modern Bee Book

Photo courtesy: Modern Bee Book

I am quite undecided currently. Thank God for deadlines :) I cannot dwell upon this forever and will have to make a quick decision to start.

Linking it to WIP Wednesdays

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I got a muslin scarf with absolutely lovely and subtle prints in beige with brown and pink paisleys all over. Some blue flowers too were strewn around the surface to cut the monotony of beige and brown. While I love the scarf, it seemed too simple for my taste in its current form; a crochet trim would do wonders to it,I thought!! And what better than pink for a girl,whats more, it also goes with the colour scheme of the scarf…

How I did what I did:

First I made a line of button hole stitches using a pink crochet thread and a simple needle(the needle just big enough to hold the crochet thread,if you plan to make one do note that mulmul is very soft and any large needle can leave a hole in it). I pulled the vertical lines as I moved from one buttonhole stitch to the other so that between two stitches the fabric gets scrunched up and vertical lines were barely visible…just liked this look more than the vertical bars of the buttonhole showing. Also, the muslin fabric being very soft,I had a tough time getting the vertical bars to be equidistand and parallel. This took care of the raw edges too as I turned them one fold towards the back and simultaneously ran the row of buttonholes on them.

Second row was the crochet edging.The difference between the first and second is that the needle buttonhole is stitched from left to right, while the crochet moves from right to left.One also abandons the hand embroidery needle and takes up a crochet needle apt for the thickness of teh thread.I used a 2mm pony needle.

The edging is rather simple.In the horizontal bar of the buttonhole stitch, I added a slip stitch, a single crochet, 2 double crochets, 1 single crochet and finished off each scallop with a slip stitch…continued till the 4 sides had uniform trim.

This is th3 first time I am making a crochet trim for a muslin scarf…the earlier scarf was chiffon.
The long term plan on this would be to make lots of scarves with lovely crochet trims and gift them to my sisters and bhabhis(sister in laws). And then, maybe when I am an expert, sell them in an Etsy shop.As for now, that’s too much to dream, ‘coz this is just the first step and I don’t even have an etsy shop currently :)

Linking it to WIP wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I read Indian authors in English. that’s my general style of reading…and literary classics of course; but those I read a long time back. Sometimes on a rainy day with a cup of coffee in hand I do tend to get back to a Thomas Hardy and read it all over again but those instances are few and far between. Recently, I have tried diversifying into science fiction, the Dean Koontz kind.
I picked up Inside the Box from Profile Books as it talks of creativity. What got me interested was the fact that it speaks of creative thinking and implementation in a very methodological way. Creativity, I believe, is something you are born with: either you have it or you don’t. But the book refers to it as an acquired skill…like maybe engineering or analytics. That sounds interesting and I am always open to new ideas and thinking.

Photo; profile books

As I begin the book, the preamble speaks of a method called ‘Systematic Inventive thinking’, commonly referred to in the book as the ‘Inside the Box’ theory. It goes on to explain how the method will ‘open ones eyes to a whole new world of innovation’.
I have always been chary of books on management gyan. Hope this proves to be different.



For the Giveaway day, I am giving away a handmade pouch. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is
1. Be a follower of my blog and
2. Leave me a comment on this post letting me know why you like pouches.

Comments are closed for this giveaway!

I have been completely bitten by the crochet bug. After having started the fusion crochet blanket and successfully completed 5 blocks in 5 days, I embarked upon the journey of making a crochet trim for a dupatta.


A dupatta is a long stole worn with the Indian traditional outfit, the Salwar Kameez.
On being suggested by a friend to try adding a trim to a dupatta, I found the perfect specimen required for this experiment at the back of my cupboard, a rather dull black plain cotton dupatta without a border. It looked like it could do with some makeover.In the absence of any real crochet thread at home, I just used some black wool AND was I surprised at the outcome or what !


For seasoned crochet enthusiasts this might look like a humble trim befitting a novice, but for me this turned out to be a real Anthropologie trim…am impressed by my humble attempt and the output.

Linking to:
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Creative Sewing Blog

Fresh Poppy Design

Over the weekend, I drew a simple plus quilt in 4 colours and calculated the fabric requirement, cut the fabric too. Now its ready to sew :)

The choice of colour is blue as its for a little baby boy!


I like the way the crochet mug rug turned out so its time to start a fusion crochet blanket. I give myself a pat on my back for taking up new projects while I am still knee deep in my WIPs. What worth is a girl if new projects aren’t getting added to her WIP. What will happen to all the inspiration!!
The play of fabric and crochet seems to really draw my attention so I took some coordinating fabric


* cut them into 5″charm packs
* stitched sides with 1/4″ seem
* left a small space for turned
* turned and ironed
* top stitched the sides
* a line of wide buttonhole in coordinating thread

and then the crochet !
The crochet border is yet to begin…


Linking this to :
Fresh Poppy Design

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

In life, one comes across various kinds of quilting projects.

First, there are projects that you like and you wish you had made one similar to this.
Second, there are those that inspire you, YOU file them safe somewhere at the back of your cranium and one day during a lazy evening walk it turns into something inspirational and a new idea emerges.
There is yet a third category of projects, which when you see them, you want to jump up and grab your laptop screen. These make you feel like you should leave everything else and start making one right away.

My current project belongs to the third category. A little background story on the discovery. I was late to post for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and when I did get to see the post, I found it to be a guest post by Jenelle from Echinops and Aster. I looked at Jenille’s blog and realized that like me she loves crochet, hexagon EPP, hand embroidery and is an amazing quilter. I am just learning all of this so love the fact that Jennile and I have similar likes and this gives me an opportunity to learn from someone, who like me, most probably, is torn between hand projects and machine quilting. I also discovered that she is having a quilt along and I have happily volunteered to join in.

Honeycomb Stitch-Along

In her guest post she had mentioned a particular fusion crochet project and that was my object of affection, right there in front of me. My craving for an ongoing hand project seemed to be satiated the moment I saw this and before the sun turned sides, a beautiful mug rug had emerged. I am long due on a gift fro my friend’s 21 month old. This is definitely going to her son.



Lily's Quilts

The original pattern inspiration is from the crochet blanket at Sewing Daisies.

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