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As the colourful festival of Holi goes by and the festivities, myraid colors, partying and good food comes to an end, one feels nostalgic and the need to hold on to the festival cheer takes center-stage.

In the same spirit I drew up my own pattern for a coin purse with the help of a tea saucer and picked up some vibrant multicolored fabric to suit the mood.

coin purse 1

The coin purse is complete and sits at my desk, ready to go to its destination. Its a gift for a friend.

coin purse 2

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Sew Fresh Quilts

This quilt top, first in a series of large quilts(anything larger than a baby quilt is a milestone for me) almost broke my back completing. But I am glad its done…

Mosaic quilt

Now, for the quilting. I am wondering, if I should just hand quilt it!
I have a small standard home sewing machine and a quilt the size of my double bed may not fit into it.

I have a few excess blocks left from the quilt. Hope I am able to make a pair of cushion covers to go with the quilt :)

Mosaic quilt 2

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’d rather call it a quick finish and glad that it didn’t join my list of WIPs.

Of late, I have been completely engrossed in the granny square afghan as I set myself a personal target of 20 blocks a week. This week, we had a mid week holiday and as I finished my day’s quota of blocks early in the morning, I set out to do something different. Granny square afghan is the first large project that I am undertaking in crochet and every large project deserves a dedicated project bag, in which, I can stow away as another WIP.

Just joking…I have every intention of completing it on schedule before the winter chill wanes off.


Now about the bag:
I wanted the bag dedicated to the project so the colour combination needed to match. After a little deliberation, I realized that for 5 bright colours to be sewn in, it had to either be a rainbow or a peacock. A quick free hand peacock diagram translated into 5 colourful peacocks in running stitch and lazy dazy.


After the hand embroidery, I took 4 pieces of 12X15 inches: 2 top cloth and 2 lining fabric choosing a lovely shot cotton for the top and a green fabric with stripes for the lining…finally sewing it into a simple tote with a 1.5inch base.


A twist in the tale :) , the handles are half and half. One half is green and the other is in green stripes of the total 20inch handle.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

My first quilt this year would be from the book Modern bee. They had a blog tour last year end on their site and are now hosting a Quilt along here

I am completely enamoured by Cordelia’s garden, which is based on Katie’s garndmom’s quilt. It could be a nice and slow EPP project or one with HSTs…small HSTs scare me and EPP are a favourite. So am yet undecided as to which path I must take. Maybe, the road not taken :)

I have some bright solids in mind for the project and here is a picture of my diagram of the block. Just trying out some colour combinations.
Cordelia's garden

As this quilt would be a gift for my sister’s birthday next month, I might just choose the Mosaic Tiles. They look very _her_

Photo courtesy: Modern Bee Book

Photo courtesy: Modern Bee Book

I am quite undecided currently. Thank God for deadlines :) I cannot dwell upon this forever and will have to make a quick decision to start.

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I saw this amazingly cute gumdrops quilt in the book Sunday Morning Quilts, by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison at Lake view Stitching and a ‘lil google search told me what a gumdrops quilt was. It looked easy to achieve and my sewing machine desperately needed a cover.

A little math…


some cutting… and sewing …

got me to the scrappy quilt top. I was always apprehensive about raw edged applique and this project worked out great in allaying the doubts. It looks beautifully colourful and peps up my mood each time I sit at my work table :)

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

ok ok I get it…this is not a rug ! I am just generally fond of alliterations!

As part of a quilting challenge, I decided to use different fabrics and I thought a crazy quilt patch work would suit fine. All I planned was an assorted variety of fabric including velvet, brasso, upholstery fabric, synthetic material, cotton and embroidered cotton fabric. Quilting is done by hand using simple running stitch that moved inside with each concentric rectangle towards the center starting with the perimeter. The border is a contrasting lace from canada that I received as part of a trim swap. A heartfelt thank you to my swap partner…the contrasting lace makes the crazy quilt block all the more gorgeous.
It is 12″ X18″ in size.

Hubby says it looks rich and kid has already taken it off as a quilt for his spider man toy :)


Learnings from the project:
A hand quilted crazy quilt patchwork piece takes double the time anticipated but is also twice as beautiful :D I was always scared of crazy-quilt thinking I will never get the combination right, but the end result is far more beautiful than what I thought it would be. Feels great !


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This quilt was started in October last year and the quilt top was ready. However, shortly after that it went into my craft cupboard and sat there until now :)
This week I decided to complete it and here it is with my nascent FMQ skills showing through the seems . literally :D

Here is a brief post on the quilt top !

A picture of the full quilt…


All folded and ready to go…


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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Sashiko is a Japanese stitch that comes in designs with repetitive trends and geometric patterns. Surprising how stitches are common across boundaries. In India, the same stitch is called ‘kantha’, a basic running stitch which is usually meant for floral motifs. Its predominant in Eastern India and one can find stoles, tunics and sarees beautifully embroidered with this stitch.

Here is my humble attempt at getting the line straight…which comes only with practice…


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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


As my househelp asked for a cloth for dusting, I quickly conjured up a dusting cloth by hand stitching bright hexies into a fat quarter and side stitching the fabric :)
Love the brightness and contrast of colours.


Next, I tried out a back pattern at it turned out just perfect with some machine embroidery in the handles.!
Its my sewing machine in the background…


And then, a quilted laptop sleeve from a christmas-y fabric that my friend Shahnaz gifted me :)

Quite a productive week I must say !

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Its almost the end of the month and my Plus quilt is _finally_ showing some traction. The first row of Plus’ are pieced but then I realized that I hadn’t cut enough of the white fabric yet to take the quilt ahead, so back to the cutting board to cut some more charm squares in shades of blue and pure white. Think the quilt will turn out to be gorgeous.


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