Completed this scarf with a flower garland crochet border this morning.

scarf 2

Its a lovely turquoise printed muslin scarf with an easy handmade crochet border.

scarf 1

The border is on two sides so that the scarf can be worn with a ‘V’ in front.

Here is a tutorial for my version of the crochet garland. Its easy and quick.

Chain 20 (part of this is the stalk)
Slip stitch on 6th chain from hook to get a circle
Chain 2 and turn so that you form the flower away from the stalk
DC into the circle
Chain 2
Single crochet
all into the circle space
This forms the first petal
Repeat (2ch-Dc-2Ch-SC) for as many petals you need
Since I used wool, I could fit only 5 petals per flower
Continue with 20 chains and repeat from beginning for as long as you need your edging to be.
Close with a slip slip stitch

scarf 3

Attach this to your scarf with the chains hanging out of the fabric. This gives it a lovely dressy look. But you can always stitch the flower crochet border with the flowers towards the border and the stalks inside.

I learnt to make the flower crochet border from here

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A friend wanted some pink floral prints to complete her quilt and under the guise of getting her some fabric I went to the nearest fabric store, clicked snaps for her and bought myself this coral(Bittersweet) fabric,…2m of this fabric! Just a spur of the moment buy and I have no clue what to do with it. Let me go Pinterest-ing and search for some easy summer dresses !! Bittersweet is the absolute right colour for a summer dress.
Afternoon plans: go to the fabric store again😉 this time to buy my friend some fabric, the real reason behind the multiple rounds to the fabric store 😄
The fabric looks too pink in white light and orange-y in yellow light. Hope it looks right when paired with some bright green.


My elder sis loves the colour Turquoise, hence the stole was easy to pick up…colours that she loves :) But the border became a real challenge. I wanted a crochet border…something that didn’t sit on the fabric but was an extension, something that was cute and smart,something that was easy and quick.Too many specification !! :) :)

photo 2

I practically searched all Pinterest crochet boards, sites and nudged all my crochet friends multiple times to help me with this.Finally in a cute little blog-OnceuponaPinkMoon, I found this easy and lovely border. Here is the link to the tutorial

But that’s not all. The stole is soft muslin and I wanted to crinkle it like those cotton and mulmul(muslin) we buy. So I had a quick idea of dipping it in rice water starch and draining out the excess. Then I let it dry in the shade as it is. And viola! what looked like a simple piece of fabric, converted itself into a beautiful scarf. Now, off it goes to the postman !!

photo 1

A tutorial for the border can be found on here site at the link above. As I tend to forget crochet patters, I am just making some notes here for the muslin scarf.
1. Take a muslin scarf and sew a 1/4″ border all around(make it the size u want,tutorial is size agnostic)
2. Make equidistant buttonhole stitches around the seam. I made them at around 1/2″ distance. No need to measure…just eyeball. Typically you can fir 3 chains in that space, but depends on your wool/thread.
3. Start from one end and make a loop.Tie the crochet wool with a single and chain 6.
4. Insert hook on the 3rd chain from hook and make 3 double crochet, always retaining the last stitch on the hook. You will have 4 loops on the hook at the end.
5.Pull through all hooks to bunch them. Now you have one single loop on the look.
5. Make a second bunch . Turn over and close on the same spot to form a bubble.
6.Chain 3 and close with a single crochet at the base(on the horizontal space between 2 buttonhole bars).
7. start next bubble with 6 more chains. Repeat until you reach the end.

I have been drooling over this book since it released.


I have gone though all reviews written about the book, all quilts made, the quilt along and read all those articles that have been linked as part of the quilt along with entire blogs of Katie, faith and Lee…now that is a border lien obsession of sorts !! So the first time I figured out that the book was available in India( can be procured by online agencies and delivered) I quickly placed my order. While I have ordered books online on multiple occasions, they are usually books that are there in stock and are delivered in the next 24 hrs. Here, however, it was an international publication so had to be procured. I jumped up with joy when I reached home from office and saw it on my desk in the evening. And I must admit, the book is a lot better than all the reviews…it feels so much worth it . Can’t decide which quilt top to start first.

I am so happy! A special thanks to the authors Katie, Lee and Faith.

Molli Sparkles

As the colourful festival of Holi goes by and the festivities, myraid colors, partying and good food comes to an end, one feels nostalgic and the need to hold on to the festival cheer takes center-stage.

In the same spirit I drew up my own pattern for a coin purse with the help of a tea saucer and picked up some vibrant multicolored fabric to suit the mood.

coin purse 1

The coin purse is complete and sits at my desk, ready to go to its destination. Its a gift for a friend.

coin purse 2

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A proud moment when I finally completed my quilt and gifted it to my sister, 2 days after her birthday and a year+a month after her first anniversary :)
A quilt was scheduled for her wedding but I never could muster enough courage to attempt a large quilt.This is the first full-size quilt that I have attempted and successfully completed. Am so proud of it. Herez my lovely sis and the little one modelling the quilt at her house beside the beach :)

And a thumbs up to a lot more on the anvil !!

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This is an experiment gone wrong. While I tried doing the Mayflower block, I trued to twist and see how it would look if I decreased the width of the bars. The resulting block is just a cross and looks nowhere close to beautiful Mayflower.


However, I completed a quilt block with diamond panes from Week 1

Diamond panes Quilt Top

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