Portrait Quilt for Koko Auntie

Last year, I made a portrait quilt for my mom and had always hoped to make a similar one for my aunt. They had clicked similar pictures a couple of years apart and it is just apt that both be converted into wall portrait quilts. This photograph is similar to that of my mom and... Continue Reading →


Casserole Carrier

We had a Quilt meet last Saturday. And yes, that slightly looongish pot, full of Quilty eye candy is coming soon. But this post is about the handmade gift that I was supposed to make for the host, Prajakta. Now that its done, I can post it here πŸ™‚ Its a Casserole carrier based on... Continue Reading →

Modern X in the Making

Here is June; that last month before you hit mid-year and time to rush towards the finishing line. Oh! I am far off from there and given the hectic life I am leading currently, this may take a little time to settle and get to a regular rhythm. But why should that stop me from... Continue Reading →

Tulip Tote

After making the Totally tulip quilt, I was urging to make some more tulips! You are right, those tulips are totally addictive... So I just went ahead and made 4 of them. Suddenly I thought that I could urn them into totes...so off went two of them back to the sewing machine, some extra whites... Continue Reading →

Quilt Meet at Home

A quilt meet is a lot of fun with a hell of of work...starting from deciding on the date as per everyone's convenience to coordinating the time, sending the accurate address/location/landmark, guiding people through, minding the food, the manners , the boys in the house(whether they should be there or not)...just about everything needs planning.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash 2018 #16

Quilting friends came over and with them came good food and happy cheer. This gift bundle of utmost joy and carefully curated fabric+notions came from Prajakta from Green leaf Quilts . I a blessed to have such wonderful quilting friends. The jelly roll is so summery and fresh, the buttons super cute and the cotton... Continue Reading →

Totally Tulips

What a Beautiful day...woke up to see my Tulip Quilt on the Missouri Star Quilt Company Instagram page πŸ™‚ All the extra effort was so worth it πŸ™‚ Also worth mentioning here are two things: 1. That I did a lot of organised and planned sewing as a result of which, a Quilt targeted for... Continue Reading →

Totally tulips

Totally Tulips is a quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company is one that I have wanted to try since a long time. Totally love the colours and vibrant nature of the quilt. Trying one for April and hoping I finish the quilt top by then. The pre cut layer cake from kaualya of which I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash 2018 #12

This beautiful 10" layer cake is from Kausalya Pandit. Tied with a beautifull golden ribbon and a soft foam board to hold shape, this is a perfect gift for any quilting pal. To add to that, it was packed neatly witha hand written note on how she put together the bundle. I will be using... Continue Reading →

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