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Sew Mama Sew Giveaway

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway

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My friend recently had a baby girl and named her Mira. She is the cutest little baby I have seen(actually I have just seen the pictures, am yet to meet her). Having told myself that I will go and meet Mira only when I make her a quilt, am already too late in starting one. What good is a Quilting aunt who cannot make a baby quilt for her new born neice…ha ha ha

Mira's Triangle Quilt

Mira’s Triangle Quilt

So here we go. The idea is to make a simple triangle quilt(not simple for me as I will be trying a triangle quilt for the first time, but simple in the conventional sense of quilting). I bought an isoscles triangle ruler last month and have been wanting to use it since it arrived.

Fabric details: Some of my pink and green neons for this project.
Thread: Aurifil, nothing less than the best Egyptian cotton from Italy for teh little one
Size: 36X40″ tentatively
Name: Mira’s Triangle quilt


I will be using directions from this Quilt Along which I have eyed for long but have yet not been able to make a quilt.

Linking it to One Monthly Goal for December!

Elm Street Quilts

I participated in the #GetYourQuiltyWishesGranted2 this year and yearned for some Tula Pink fabric. Last year I saw this on Instagram and thought it was too good to be true. This year I just plunged in…to see what was happening and all I can say is that I am totally overwhelmed by the response.

Two lovely ladies sent me Tula Pink fabric all the way from US and some more is on its way…

Sunday Stash 46

Sunday Stash 46

This bundle is sent by Patti Lapinsky, all the way from Florida🙂

I thought, if someone sent me any of the Tula Pink goodness, then I would keep and caress the beautiful fabric like maybe Gold or Diamond, ultimate use being in storage and never in use…ha ha ha.
But now with the amazingly generous online Quilting community, at the end of this, I will have enough to make a quilt along with some solids of course(cant have a quilt without solids, call it a mental block).

Hope I am able to pass on the generosity to the people I have volunteered to grant wishes🙂
Of course, after the demonetization issue settles down and I have cash to pay at the Post Office. Leading a predominately cashless life has its own set of challenges😦

Aha! So the journey which started with a single step is almost coming to an end…the penultimate set of blocks are ready! But I am having withdrawl symptoms. I have been used to the regular schedule of making and posting a block everyday so it seems like 10-days down the line I will be starting into nothingness.

Am also excited to see the end result when I can display all my 100 blocks in their Ombre setting. Hoping it all falls in place.

Simple math tells me that the 100 blocks are taking me somewhere close to a week of non stop sewing. Phew! thats a lot of time…just tht its broken down into smaller chunks of 30-45 mins on a daily basis and hence the quilt blocks are getting completed on time. A slow, focused,sustained, discipline over the last 90(soon to be 100) days.

Tula Pink Ombre Blocks 81-90

Tula Pink Ombre Blocks 81-90

I saw this modern Quilt on Pinterest and have long wanted to try it. Last month my team member had a baby boy and I have been fretting over what to gift her and her little one…
A modern quilt seems like just the right solution!

Source of Inspiration: This pic from Pinterest and a similar one made by my friend Riddhi Kapoor

Pic courtesy : Pinterest and Riddhi

Pic courtesy : Pinterest and Riddhi

So here it is…Its just a Plan as of now. Should be done before month end!

If it gets completed on time, I would also like to make another one for a friend who recently had a baby girl. Currently, am just telling myself to not start too many projects and add to my never ending WIP list.

Linking it to One Monthly Goal for November!

Elm Street Quilts

Its a lovely feeling to be progressing at the desired pace!

A block a day seems to be working till date and I have the last ‘Score to meet’ after this set. It has been a fun journey and I have learnt so much along the way. Be it precision cutting or careful sewing…be it trimming, pressing at every step or being cognizant of the seams, everything has been a learning.
Starting from the unintentional wonky blocks to the bright looking, perfectly square blocks now, much has been achieved and much remains.

I am really looking forward to the completed quilt. Although, at this stage, am not sure whether I want to add sashing or not!

Tula Pink Sampler Quilt Blocks

Tula Pink Sampler Quilt Blocks

I will just complete the blocks as per the desired dates and then decide on the Quilt layout.

I have been following Sunday Stash at MolliSparkles for as long as I can remember and today Molli is celebrating the 200th post on this subject and Linky. It has been such a fun journey documenting my fabric and notion buys through the years with him. So, how could I possibly be left behind on this special occasion:)

Here is my Sunday Stash…some vehicle fabric, a traingle Quilting ruler, some florals and some roundals…did I miss out any shape here…ha ha


I have been wanting a triangle ruler for a while now; now that I have it, let me rush and start yet another WIP🙂
I have just the perfect project in mind!

2016 Sunday Stash #44

2016 Sunday Stash #44

Linking it to the 200th Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles !