I had the wonderful opportunity to test my first bag. The pattern is by my friend Rajyalakshmi of Home Maker Hustle

Here is the link to her Craftsy store:Craftsy Link

Here are the pics of my tester bag! The bag is easy with clear instructions. Its great for someone who has school going kids or people going to office that need to carry their lunch. Even someone like me, who runs away at the sight of making bags was comfortable making this roomy tiffin bag.

Ultimate Lunch Bag

Ultimate Lunch Bag

This is a very roomy bag to take lunch to school or office…or carry sandwiches and drink to the park for a quick picnic!

Ultimate Lunch Bag 2

The zipper closure keeps food safe and prevents them from falling out.

Ultimate Lunch Bag 4

Ultimate Lunch Bag 5

Ultimate lunch Bag 6
The side bottle holders are my favourite.

Ultimate Lunch Bag 3

As we speak, my little one has claimed this lunch bag and taken it off to school to house his snacks…

My quilting friend Kausalya, sent me a lovely length of this macroon fabric and an author signed copy of this book.

2016 Sunday Stash  29

What amazing fabric …almost edible:)
Have just started reading the book and I am loving it …

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Wanting to experiment with local linen I bought half yard each of two varieties of violet linen from a local shop. Neither felt like linen when I got home. From the fray of the fabric, they seem like some mixed blend.
Now I must try a project to see if they actually are sew-worthy !

The one yard of red is primarily to bind my June blue chevron quilt…

Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash

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These are not new. Although they look branch new, they were gifted to me by my mom last November when we were on a family holiday in Connoor and Ooty.

Sunday Stash 27

Sunday Stash 27

I totally loved the pair of scissors and promptly started using it. But had almost forgotten the rest of the goodies.Today when she is coming to visit me, I suddenly remembered the goody bag tucked somewhere in my stash cupboard. I had no recollection of the set of coloured eye chenile needles. I will promptly start using them…they are so super cute !

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The little one was down with viral and didn’t attend school for 2 days. And then, when he went, I made this scrappy mug rug and left it home so he can see it when he gets back from school.

Scrappy mug rug

Scrappy mug rug

He was as happy to receive it as I was to make it:)
Size: 6″X6″
Fabric source: Shruti
Fabric line: assorted designer fabric
Thread : local polyster

Another small project this week is for my ‘lil one’s friend. While the class was playing with his friend’s pencil box, it broke in two.While my ‘lilone was on entirely responsible for this, he definitely played a part.Thankfully, no one was hurt but the pencil box broke into two. I found the perfect fabric for the purpose in my stash, bought last year to make a quick and easy pencil pouch.

Pencil pouch

Pencil pouch

Size: 9″X 6″
Item: Pencil pouch with base
Fabric source: The material Girl
Thread : Aurifil

My quilting Guru and mentor,Shruti has recently started a designer fabric enterprise in India. Prior to this, there were no International designer fabrics available here. Any Tula Pink, Heather Graham or Alison Glass had to be bought in teh uS and brought in by a travelling friend, home.

This is the third week in the running and they are selling like hot cakes. I was barely able to manage some wide strips in the mad frenzy to be the first one to get my portion of the limited quantity fabric. But I love the apprehension of waiting for the new set to show up on Monday morning, the excitement of being the first one to grab a particular piece and the friendly banter amongst the fellow quilters when a desired fabrics is taken up by others before you.

SS 25

SS 25

Shruti , all the very best for your new venture. I personally appreciate the hand written note, the professional packing and invoice and the timely delivery as promised. Way to go:)

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I am happy to inform my readers that I won third prize for the lunch bag I submitted to the Bernina Lunch bag contest.

Bernina award

Bernina award

I am feeling on top of the world. Its such a big morale booster:)


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