Starflower quilt- completed

Am happy to see this project completed well within the month, giving me some time to click a few snaps over the weekend before the month comes to a close. This cuddly, wrinkly goodness turned out just perfect. I used an overall loops free motion quilting design to complete it. A yellow border, enhancing the... Continue Reading →

Starflower Quilt

This beautiful quilt top uses the 8 point star or the Starflower quilt block which is similar to the Le Moyne star block but not the same; the latter is made up of diamonds while the former uses HSTs. My friend wanted a baby quilt and sent me this picture as a guide. I have... Continue Reading →

Drawstring Bag

My friend bought a new sewing machine and I decided writing an easy tutorial for her so she can start her sewing journey. Here is the drawstring bag : Required materials: top fabric- Two 8.5" square (blue polka dots) lining fabric- Two 8.5" square (red polka dots) lining fabric - two, 2.5 X 8.5" strips... Continue Reading →

100 Days to 2021

2020 has been a difficult year for everybody.Like all else, am hoping and praying it gets over soon...along with all the troubles it has brought along. So I have decided to make small projects until the end of the year. So here is the first one in the series, appropriately named 1-Drawstring bag 🙂 Hopefully... Continue Reading →

Mumbai Quilters Monthly Block

The local quilters community started a monthly block series in March'20. I joined the bandwagon late and managed to make 2 blocks by end of July. In August, I plan to catch up on the other 4 blocks, including one from Aug'20 and make at least one project using the block skills. Linking the goal... Continue Reading →

Blue baby XO quilt

The baby quilt is done and am very happy with the way it turned out. The colour combination, the blocks per se, the placement, multiple borders(which is completely not my thing) and the quilting of different designs in different areas of the quilt are all beyond my comfort zone. What I love about this baby... Continue Reading →

Rainbow steps

Planning on getting back to One Monthly Goal after a hiatus, feels great. Really looking forward to making 'Rainbow steps' from Make Modern Magazine, a baby quilt by Jo Westfoot. What I like about this baby quilt is that it uses rainbow solid fabric and I can quickly dive into my stash box to pick... Continue Reading →

Sunday bake: Orange Yogurt cake

This is the second Sunday when I am baking something and hoping I can continue this over other weekends and test some amazing recipes. This Sunday made some Orange Yogurt cake. And here is the recipe, in case you want to give it a try. Since this one is veg and has no eggs, hence... Continue Reading →

Blue baby quilt

Loved the way this quilt came together. Super fun and super fast! just the way I like them... Also, this is entirely from my stash. No new fabric shopping and would be one in a long series of projects that use my stash, even if partially. Glad that this came together in record time. Tagging... Continue Reading →

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