Quilters meet- Mumbai

The first Local Quilters Meet in 2019 was scheduled today (15th June 2019) at Saira Sumar's place. She was the perfect, gracious host-- welcoming thirty of us into her house as the first pre-monsoon showers hit Mumbai and the clouds took over. We started the session with 'meet and greet' so all new quilters get... Continue Reading →


Pixelated Rose Quilt

My June 2019 One monthly goal is another Pixelated quilt. Think I am getting the hang of it...This one is a free pattern from Riley Blake which I wanted to make a while back but haven't been able to do so in the past. Its fun making these quilts. The way the design slowly starts... Continue Reading →


A second attempt at an old project 😊 and this time I am determined to complete it in the month. New fabric required for the project is in place at the beginning of the month. The image from which the pixelated Quilt will draw inspiration is all ready. And the kid is still as excited... Continue Reading →

One Monthly Goal -April

A quarter has passed us by in this New Year and I am planning to make my third Log cabin Quilt for the year. Looks like the year is dedicated to the Log Cabin block. Am loving the new learning and definitely the quilts. While the first one was larger and is part of a... Continue Reading →

Another log cabin Quilt

Participating in the Purple delight log cabin Quilt Along on the India Quilt Guild I realized that Log cabin blocks and hence Quilts are an interesting way of making large Quilt blocks. For my One Monthly Goal on Elm Street Quilt, I had chosen a picture from Diary of a Quilter and a block made... Continue Reading →

Log Cabin Baby Quilt

My March Goal is to make a baby quilt using a Log cabin block or a Squash Blossom. or a Squash Blossom Quilt top by Polka Dot Chair A completed Quilt Top would be good. A completed quilt woudl be great! Here's to a Hopeful march 🙂 Given my Feb monthly goal didn't get done... Continue Reading →

Purple-Delight-Quilt-Along 2

So my first Log cabin block is ready and its HUGE to say the least...a 20" block. When I first saw it grow from 10" to 12" to 16" to 20"....I wasn't sure it would lie flat but it did and am glad that the next few are already under the needle. But it isn't... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Lunch Bag

Some selfish sewing early in the year does seem strange but I really needed a lunch bag. I travel to work and currently use a Quiltcon tote for the purpose. The small lunch boxes kind fo swim inside the bag and any fruit that I may carry as a mid-morning or evening snack gets bruised... Continue Reading →

Purple Delight Quilt along

Rashida Jujer, an Australia based prize winning Quilter is having a quilt along on the 'India Quilt Guild' Facebook group that I curate. Its a purple and green quilt and is aptly called The Purple Delight. It will start on 14th Feb and run until the end of April 2019. This will be my first... Continue Reading →

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