Here is the Sunday Stash for the 6th Sunday of 2016 and I am somehow starting to feel that fabric buying is becoming more and more obsessive with me. Not that I am complaining :)

Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash

Love the neon green…this is for bag lining when I attempt totes,slings or pouches. Have a long list awaiting in my Pinterest board.The is about 1.5 yards of this at 60″ width so I should be able t experiment a few bags using ths…
The lovely golden thimbles are from a craft store near my house for hand sewing.

Yesterday, I got 2 meters of black solid for making 1″ strips in a proposed geometric stained glass project, all because I needed some motivation to go for a walk and the lone fabric store on my side of town is at the end of the walk. Speak of killing two birds with a single stone…ha ha

Solid Poplin in Black

Solid Poplin in Black

On returning home, I found some black solid in my cupboard…not the weight of fabric I would have ideally wanted but still some fabric that I had no clue existed. Now, that’s the time when one realizes that fabric needs to be organized and looked at, at regular intervals. And it calls for a Fabric Manifesto started by Quarterinchfromtheedge.

There goes the crisp list:
1. Organize fabric regularly(read that as caress it as often as possible).
2. Make notes on all fabric I have, maybe an Excel sheet would help(this might take a while).
3. Note down all ‘To do’ projects and WIP so I can differentiate between the extra fabric(if there is anythings as that…ha ha ha) and if it is meant for a purpose(in that case, ofcourse its not extra and is just waiting to be converted into one amazing gift). Last year I started something of a scrapbook of sorts, adding project details, total fabric used and tiny scraps of fabric in the project in a colourful pretty little notebook. Will continue with that.
4. The last of course is to Sew and sew more. Make a least one completed project a month…preferably a quilt as they use up far more fabric than anticipated. Best way to use up fabric.

So I’m still going to add to my stash, pretty much in the same way I do now, but I’m going to aim to use up at least as much of the old stuff as I bring in , and hopefully more.

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Recently I bought a layer cake in Indian fabric. The idea was to make a herringbone quilt that I had seen on the MSQC Youtube page and looked pretty quick and easy when she made it.

So I thought of giving it a go! Happy that the quilt is made up of HSTs and happier that it is not made the way I make it.


One of my new year resolutions was to do the same blocks in a different way. These are made of quarter square triangle. Thats one off my list !!


After a lot of sewing and chain piecing and rotary cutting and dog ear trimming, the final quilt top was ready.


I am soooo happy with the output that i instantly forgot all the late night sewing it took to get here :)
Its lovely and colourful. Here its the little one and his friend who are holding it up for me and in the bottom picture, its me :)
Love the stained glass image against the cold winter window …


Quilt Details:
Quilt fabric: Indian
Thread : Local Polycot and Spade cotton
Size: 75″X 90″
Quilt name: The Indian Herringbone

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Aha! A valentine’s Day mini quilt and my first quilt finish for the year…

I recently participated in the #winningloveminiswap on Instagram and made this mini for my partner so as to reach her by Feb. Since, its a secret quilt swap I will not name her here; would come back and edit after she receives it :)

A while back, my friend had gifted me this Rainbow fabric . I remembered seeing these lovely heart block tutorials and used both to come up with a design for the mini quilt.


Am so happy with the outcome, want to make a large snuggly family quilt with multi coloured hearts now :)

The completed rainbow hearts looked so colourful on my bed…


Some midnight quilting and…


and some morning echo quilting! and it was complete :)


Used Frixion to mark the fabric as ironing at each stage removes them
While sewing the background fabric to the printed heart fabric, align and sew the bottom fabric first so that in case there is a little mismatch it can be corrected at this stage. The small background fabric(here white) are on both sides of the bar so if the printed bars are found to be wider or narrower than required it would be difficult to adjust without ripping the stitches.

OMG! The year has hardly begun and I have started buying fabric already. Given that I am on holiday at my in-laws place, hardly deterred me from acquiring more fabric. The new year resolution should have been to restrain fabric buying…but it didn’t even last a week. Good then, I didn’t put this in my 2016 goals.

Solids from Bhubaneswar

Solids from Bhubaneswar

Here are some solids for a quick HST project. Raring to finish the baby quilt top :)

Year 2016

Year 2016

2014 was the year of the HST and 2015 was that of the Flying Geese. For 2016, I would like to try something more challenging, say curves, maybe just a drunkard’s path.

The entire year wont be dedicated to just curve piecing, but also expanding the universe from what I have learnt in earlier years, the HSTs(the love of my quilting life), Flying Geese(I tend to fly away with them) and all that in between!

So here is a list of quilty and non quilt things:
1. Focus on health: Yes, that means losing a bit of weight( I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t have this as an annual goal) but more importantly eating healthy and staying fit.
2. Reduce bulk in the house: Giveaway! Sell! Just reduce!!
3. Make one quilt for a family member…maybe two if I need an additional challenge :)
4. Try piece quilting with different methods, say sewing all around HST and not sewing across diagonals, single seam flying geese, hand quilt instead of machine quilt a snugly quilt, try a new kind of binding etc…
5. Submit a quilt to a magazine, focus is on completing and submitting rather than getting featured. Would love it if I am featured of course :)
6. Sew something for myself…I don’t sew clothes but I will try one this year like last year.
7. Sew something for the home: some cushion covers, a table runner, some coasters, maybe a curtain…
8. Make at least one crochet projects.
9. Read more books than what I did in 2015.

Last weekend I posted about this lovely fabric with quotes. And before the week is done, it has got converted into a lovely baby quilt with quotes!

Baby quilt on the chair

Baby quilt on the chair

The quotes read :

Happiness is …
Listening to old songs
Finally being able to read music
when someone falls in love with the music that you have introduced them to

Baby quilt on the sofa

Baby quilt on the sofa

As the quilt was in red and white and looked quite Christmassy, I tried to FMQ some Holly on it! That part of course needs a lot of practice. I can see the first set of New Year resolutions taking shape for 2016 ha ha ha

FMQ Holly

FMQ Holly

Quilt fabric: Indian
Thread : Aurifil 50/2 2270(Paprika) and 2600(Dove)
Size: 36″ X 48″
Binding: 2″ double binding
Quilt name: Happiness is…


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