Quilt Meet at Home

A quilt meet is a lot of fun with a hell of of work...starting from deciding on the date as per everyone's convenience to coordinating the time, sending the accurate address/location/landmark, guiding people through, minding the food, the manners , the boys in the house(whether they should be there or not)...just about everything needs planning.... Continue Reading →


Sunday Stash 2018 #16

Quilting friends came over and with them came good food and happy cheer. This gift bundle of utmost joy and carefully curated fabric+notions came from Prajakta from Green leaf Quilts . I a blessed to have such wonderful quilting friends. The jelly roll is so summery and fresh, the buttons super cute and the cotton... Continue Reading →

Totally Tulips

What a Beautiful day...woke up to see my Tulip Quilt on the Missouri Star Quilt Company Instagram page πŸ™‚ All the extra effort was so worth it πŸ™‚ Also worth mentioning here are two things: 1. That I did a lot of organised and planned sewing as a result of which, a Quilt targeted for... Continue Reading →

Totally tulips

Totally Tulips is a quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company is one that I have wanted to try since a long time. Totally love the colours and vibrant nature of the quilt. Trying one for April and hoping I finish the quilt top by then. The pre cut layer cake from kaualya of which I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash 2018 #12

This beautiful 10" layer cake is from Kausalya Pandit. Tied with a beautifull golden ribbon and a soft foam board to hold shape, this is a perfect gift for any quilting pal. To add to that, it was packed neatly witha hand written note on how she put together the bundle. I will be using... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash 2018 #10

These wonderful solids are from my friend Kausalya and Charu. My solid stash has been dwindling of late and the wonderful duo took note, and decided to replenish the stock. What better quilting friends can you possibly wish for! Am totally over the moon:) Just taking stock of the incoming fabric and sewing at the... Continue Reading →

Time to finish my Dizzy Daisy

I have been linking up to Elm Street's One Monthly Goal for 2 months now in 2018. But both Jan and Feb have been disappointment of sorts. The projects didn't get completed on time for teh month end link up. I got the Jan one finished in Feb, but going by that trend the quilts... Continue Reading →

Sunday Stash

Last week I went to Nagpur and bought some fabric there.Since it was a trip to a wedding ceremony and too of a Quilting friend, good food, good fun, friends and returning home with a suitcase full of fabric was rather expected. Saw this lovely chevron in baby pink and I just couldn't resist it... Continue Reading →

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