Take it Further: January

I have joined another challenge at http://www.pintangle.com called Take it Further Challenge. The challenge was for the year 2008 but since I was not fortunate enough to be a part of it I am starting it this year. Its a monthly challenge where you either take an idea and expand on it or take the colour strip she suggests and work on those shades. I have chosen one colour from the suggested ones, green and added some other shades to expand on the idea-admiration. I greatly admire my mother. I admire her strengths of perseverence and dedication, her ability to multi-task with her near obsession to perfection and hygeine.I like her optimism and hope I inherit all of it, especially in rough times. My mother has always encouraged us for new learning and here is a list of new stitches I learnt this month, dedicated to her.


In the stitching world I greatly appreciate Sharon Baggon of www.pintangle.com and I dedicate my new learning to her too as she has been an inspiration behind my new found enthusiam for needlework.

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