Trellis Stitch-Initial wanderings

I started with experimenting on various shapes. The moment the first shape, a rather shabby looking orange rectangle took shape I  fell in love with the texture and feel of the prepared piece.  I can see the potential of this stitch and just passed into my dream world. Woke up to realize that half the month has passed and I haven’t posted anything. So here they are.

Shabby Beginning
Shabby Beginning
Red Rectangle
Red Rectangle
Other Shapes
Other Shapes

When I tried the circle I realized that this could be used for fixing mirrors. I am definitely not the first one to use such a  technique for fixing mirrors. In the western states of India like Rajasthan and Gujrat they use buttonhole to fix mirrors (especially the small ones). I have only seen them on finished pieces of embroidery work so I could be wrong. I tried the trellis stitch and it works fine ;slightly tricky though as you have to hold the mirror in the less dominent hand’s thumb and stitch with the other.


I experimented with a round and diamond shaped mirror here and will try the square when I get a few  square mirrors.


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