A Fishy Story

Fishes are nice to have and good to eat. By that I mean I have two at home and named them Hardy Heron(new Ubuntu release). You ask how can a fish be named Heron? I say why not!

A Blue Fish
A Blue Fish

Trying to capture them in spirit using trellis stitch was an enjoyable experience. Between the two I like the latter.

A Red Fish
A Red Fish

Learning: Never try trellis stitch with a  very thin thread. It tests your patience and the lovely texture of the stitch does not show properly. A perle 8 is ideal as the stitches move really fast leading  to instant gratification and the look-and-feel effect is great.
Next, a dragonfly would be a good option to try. The net like effect of trellis stitch can accentuate its wings well.


6 thoughts on “A Fishy Story

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  1. Wonder why there’s no post yet in April! Something to remember Chennai with a single image on matte with a trellis stitch would be great.

  2. Love your trellised fish!!

    Sorry I’m so late getting here, it’s been an awfully busy time for me. I really like your blog and want to WELCOME you to the Totally Useless SAL, we’re looking forward to your participation. Would you please e-mail me or leave a comment on my blog telling me your location, just in a general area sort of way. I’m trying to keep locations as part of the listing.

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