I cant believe my eyes. I  haven’t posted in more than a month. I was travelling and hence the hiatus.

I recently came upon the idea to stitch a lunch bag for my husband.In India lunch usually consists of rice,pulses and vegetables/meat items with poppadoms and pickles to add. So usually a lunch bag is something that can hold a layered lunch box.

I had some dark brown corduroy material so I took some cream cotton fabric as a contrast. Here is a picture.

The material

The lunch box has a circular base and so I cut the cream fabric in the same shape and made it double to check for wear and tear. The formula I used for the base is simple.The perimeter of the circle is  calculated as twice pie multiplied by the radius of the circular base and this is the length of the corduroy fabric to be cut for the bag (add seam allowance as convenient).The height of the bag is equal to that of the  lunch box  with a little extra for covering the top…you don’t want people to see the box from inside the bag.I was so kicked by the idea I hardly had time to look for the fabric clips so I used all that I could lay my hands on-paper clips,file holders…


Then I stitched the circular base to the body of the bag and then the belts.

The Base

The bag somehow looked very plain so I decided to insert a piece of embroidered band. Just some free hand drawing and basic embroidery stitches like lazy dazy and stem stitch…


Then i stitched the band on the bag and the bag was ready.

The bag