I have just returned from two long traveling sessions. The first was during the end of 2009 and a rather relaxed one as I went to my hometown in Eastern India. The second one, was to Chennai, a city in Southern India. And predictably, as always, both the trips have added new supplies to my stash. Here is a picture.


I am very eager to use the Pony Cord maker and would soon try some craft that uses it. The white Anchor rolls are for some Kutch work (similar to Armenian Interlacing Embroidery) on pink tussar silk. Tussar is a natural silk procured from the silkworm. It is not completely homogenous and this unevenness gives the fabric a fall and character of its own. I intend to make a saree out of it but five and a half yards of embroidery is a very daunting task and needs meticulous planning and execution. I shall post some thoughts on this when it’s up on the drawing board.
And the box of tailor chalks ! I am sure this will help me start to sew…