My dad-in-law writes his diary everyday and has been doing so for years. I think its a wonderful habit. Imagine how one would feel years later, reading them and going through life all over again. How beautiful it would be to sit indoors on a rainy day with a cup of chai or on a cold winter night under a heavy blanket and re-live yesteryears.


I gifted my dad-in-law this diary for New Year with a Mogul elephant design on it. He visited us in January and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a notebook cover for the diary.

Notebook Cover

First I fuzzy cut a rose motif from a printed cotton fabric I had with me and attached it to a piece of white fabric, cut in the size of the diary, using buttonhole stitch. Then I added batting and fabric and used a red bias tape to match the design. I also embroidered his name on it. He was very very happy with it.