The other day I was going through Mary Corbet’s Needle’N Thread blog and I saw something written by her a year back on how she has successfully managed to put her small intervals of free time in a busy day to productive use. And the idea struck me !!

Let me explain: Throughout the day we have a few 15/20min windows when we are relatively less busy and we can use these intervals to conceptualize creative ideas and implement them. A window of an hour or more is more difficult to attain when one is working but 15min windows are very doable !
I have taken the hint of a 15min embroidery break either in the morning before I leave for office or later in the day. Lets see how I fare over the week 🙂

I dont have pompous hopes of completing a project but some progress is better than no progress! The idea is to keep everything ready beforehand— thread, needle, fabric — and take off from there !