As winter comes to an end and the summer months begin, one tries to think of refreshing ways to quench the summer thirst…The early summer months in Western India is marked by a very rare fruit -the strawberry. Its available only for a few months around this time of the year and to maximize the in-season fruit I tried a simple strawberry smoothie this weekend !!

Strawberries: 2 or 3
Banana : 1 ripe
Milk: 1 cup
Cold water: 1/2 cup
Sugar: 2tsp
Ice cubes: a few

Method: Take banana, sugar and strawberries in a mixer and let it run for a minute. Add water and milk and whisk for another minute. Pour into serving glasses and add ice cubes on top. Garnish with a strawberry. Now, be truthful, how difficult was that …

Serve it to friends and family and enjoy all the compliments 🙂
Here is a photograph of mine…Strawberry Smoothie