Handmade by Heidi

Another Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) and another mug rug. This one is for a friend. Someone wanted a personalized mug and I just thought, how about a coffee mug with a matching mug rug. That would be cool!
I am kind of new to sewing and quilting and hence do not possess a large stock of variegated fabric in every colour to choose from:( So my first challenge after having got the mug was to get some matching fabric.

Matching fabric for Mug Rug

Then some matching hand embroidery to replicate the design on the mug….well almost !

And then the final binding and its over ! I love it but its made for someone and I have to part with it. I think of artists who have to make a living by selling their handmade art. Quite an effort !

Completed Mug Rug