…or should I say “Ideal Notebook”.
Sometimes we know we need some things and a little effort can get us there but life catches on and the idea seems lost in the daily humdrum of modern life. many a good ideas have been lost such…
I have been wanting a small pocketsize notebook to carry along to capture fleeting ideas and inspiration but somehow it has never taken shape.
Whats done cannot be undone but for all ‘lil future ideas I have this notebook and it is so simple to make that I am almost embarrassed to put the tutorial here …
But for YOU and my future reference, here it is:

Completed Notebook

What you need and what to do:
(a)Take 10 A4 sheets and fold them in half pressing on the fold to get the crease. I took A4 as they were readily available and my sewing machine could handle the thickness of only 20 sheets at a time. You can choose yours as per your sewing machine.

A4 sheets folded in half

(b) Fold the sheets in half from the center and you can use an ordinary scale to just tear them in half. The rough edges will be inside the binding so wont show. Align the rough edges together so they lie inside the side binding and check to confirm all sheets are aligned properly. Tear two sheets at a time else there are chances of not getting them all in the same size.
Aligned A4 sheets and cut into shape.
(c) Take a border and stitch it with about 1/4 seam allowance sandwiching the sheets inside. Just one stitch is enough else the stitch will cut through the paper and the notebook would fall apart. I stitched a red and golden border I had available with me. Make sure the sides of the border are stitched and turned inside and it measures a ‘lil longer than the sheets.You don’t want paper showing from inside.

Stitch border on the side

(d) Lastly just add pictures or make freehand drawings to decorate and personalize your notebook. I liked the green theme so…
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations