Nothing peps up a Saturday morning like a crunchy crisp salad! The only effort here is in making the chicken balls which one can make well in advance and keep them frozen for about a week (maybe more but cannot vouch for that).

For the chicken meatball, take boneless chicken and put it in a mixer with salt,pepper and green chillies. It will resemble play dough. Now make small balls and boil them in salted water. Once the balls start swimming in the surface you know that they are done and the meat is cooked. Allow them to boil for a few more minutes…drain, cool and store in the refrigerator for future use. When you want to use them, remove from fridge and microwave.
For the salad take finely chopped green cabbage,red cabbage, capsicum and carrots. Toss in some chicken balls, salt, olive oil with a little vinegar. Serve chilled.

chicken salad