All in a day’s work

Just returned from a vacation…if going to in-laws can be called one 😉 But I had a very peaceful much needed relaxing time there so I am feeling happy and relaxed.

My mom-in-law is one of the finest hand embroiders I have met. So when she mentioned a particular embroidered cushion cover she had seen at a relatives place and wanted me to make a sofa cloth on the same lines I took it as a welcome complement. I drafted the design of a peacock and flower sequence and on getting her approval transferred it to fabric and started embroidering.Here is a picture of the WIP piece in loose herringbone stitch.
Hand embroidery

As I started the project a day before the vacation got over I could hardly move beyond the fourth motif amidst social obligations and tearful bye-byes. I carried it back with me with the promise that this project would be on top of all UFOs and would be mailed back to her at the earliest.

This week’s stats:
New projects – 1
Completed projects – 0
Currently in progress – 2

Linking it to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced…

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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