While lazing around one winter afternoon, I came upon the idea to get a new home for my new sun-glasses. Winter almost being an unheard term in these parts of the world, summer is an omnipresent season throughout the year—sunscreen and sun glasses are a girl’s best friend. So a little effort on a new cover seems just right.
A length of off white raw silk !

Some raw silk

Some embroidery in warm colours to herald the harsh Indian summer!

Buttonhole stitch

A dash of colour with a lovely bright linning quilting!

Embroidered eyeglass cover

With a beaded edge and its ready for a beach party !

Beaded edge

A good way of exploring this week’s stitch at TAST-2 and put it to optimal use 🙂

Adding to FNSI for the month.
Handmade by Heidi

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