My love for Kutchi embroidery goes back to more than a decade !! Possibly more…when I was in school, even before my early teens, I had developed a special affection for this stitch…the interlacing always intrigued me in a nice welcoming way and over the years I have gone back to it again and again—learning and forgetting the nuances over and over again !

A distant cousin knew the stitch and had them in her tunic. Every summer during holidays when we visited them, I would desperately entreat her to teach it to me. She never did….either it was the issue of parting with the skill or that she thought I was too young or incapable of learning or just lack of interest and time on her part. I will never know…

However, in the last few years,I have discovered an amazing tutorial for kutchi embroidery at Bhavani’s site. There are some beautiful designs and instructions that one can used at the Armenian Embroidery site once you get a hang of the basic logic.

This is my little experiment to brush up my skills on a simple sampler.

Pink and white sure looks appealing in a very sophisticated and pale sort of way…maybe I should try some on silk in the same combination for a tunic…
That would come later, let me try my recently acquired skills on something smaller, more doable for instant gratification 🙂