As thee school reopens after the summer, my little one wanted a napkin for school. He caught me drooling over some vintage embroidery designs at Feeling Stitchy for the July stitch along and promptly ordered for the same to be done on his napkin. I was also itching to try out some vintage hand embroidery and grabbed the opportunity that came my way.

I had neither the patience to take a print nor a carbon to trace the design so I just drew the pattern on fabric and started the embroidery. Little kid loves it, and so do I.

Thought the design is for a small happy honeybee family but then, that’s me and I am a girl ! Little boys like cars and watches and machines and bugs …so it soon got named as the ‘bug family’. He plans to carry it around and to school as well in order to show off to his friends. What could be a greater bliss than that 🙂