Delightful linen Pouch-Zakka

Recently during one of my my regular sojourn around the net to see what are the new things that have cropped up in the crafts world , I stumbled upon Lr Stitched which has the Zakka sew along continuing. I instantly fell in love with the pretty pouch that is the project for the week. However, pouches always look difficult to me and I cant figure out how they magically turn to a beautiful wrap for your precious things hiding all joins and looking all pretty and beautiful.

I thought I’d give it a try and to my surprise it turned out beautiful. What was more surprising was that the moment I picked up the ash linen and the organic car and scooter fabric from ‘Monaluna Birch fabric circa 50’, I got the exact shade of solid for the border, same shade lace to match, same green seed beads as the fabric to make the loop and a largish white bead to hold the loop in place—all from my own cupboard, without having to step outside in the rain to fetch a things or two from the supplies store or ordering online. I am starting to think :
–either its beginner’s luck that I had every shade matching in my cupboard or
–my stash is growing to actually fulfill my needs !

Whatever that might be, I am just HAPPY with the outcome…maybe I can stitch a few in different colours and gift them to my kindle owner friends.


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