A weekend to remember

I should have seen it coming ! But I didn’t…

It didn’t start like a normal lazy weekend where I wake up late, have a late lazy breakfast usually prepared by ‘the husband’ and laze around until we step out for a lazy lunch outside. This weekend was different !! I was very excited to be part of the Quilt Meet organized by Huskvarna Viking…I was raring to go.

So, woke up early, (I hardly slept so ‘woke up’ doesn’t really explain the excitement)got ready and dashed out of the house with the GPS in hand and husabnd’s long office car to the rescue. Not knowing roads in your town/city does help at times. I had my little adventure in the morning trying to locate the place…well! well!! I leave the finer details to the ones who know the roads. Little did I know, until I reached there that the venue was on one of the arterial roads of the city…very conveniently located right next to the beach. On reaching, I was welcome by a bevy of girls all enthusiastic and ready to learn. The neatly arranged tables, with the HV machines and each individual’s table marked by a name tab with details of the machine range along with the detailed itinerary was neatly arranged on the table. From the time I got the supplies list to carry for the meet to the time I stepped out after the meet, everything was very professionally handled and the minutest of detail was attended to. Whether it was Shehnaz’ Iftar or Shirke auntie’s shravan fast breaking time, everything was in place before time…everything was meticulously planned and executed…Thanks Aditya for making the event so memorable for so many of us.

As they rightly say, people will not remember what you said or what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel.

The learning session started with Gabriel Moosa -SVP at HV, teaching us crazy quilting. She had been invited by HV to come and teach us all the way from Germany! Loved the crazy quilting as much as the free motion quilting she taught later.

We broke off for lunch right after.
Then came the beautiful and daunting cathedral window. I have seen them on various windows! oops blogs but never tried them …they just simply look complicated and difficult but Gabriel is an extremely talented quilter and teacher…she showed us a step by step tutorial to complete the windows. while the others did, I couldn’t…just about managed one as the fabric I used was stretchy and kept changing shape. So much for the first day at the meet. Learn’t a hell lot but personal output was null ūüė¶

The second day started with surface embellishment with Devayanee Kachare

and continued with Gabriel teaching us mini patchwork with English Paper piecing…interesting but difficult technique. Soon after, the dreaded moment came…time for the competition. we were expected to make a completed mini quilt in three hours and the top two would win sewing machines from HV. wow ! what a prize…do people really win those ! Soon the prizes were increased to three and we set out to make our quilts.

While I struggled with my 9 cathedral windows way into the second hour I promised never to make cathedral windows again in my life. The focus was just to complete the quilt I had planned and the way I had planned it. Finally the quilts were done and submitted and we waited with bated breath for the judges to declare the prizes.

I won the second place…a Huskvarna Viking E20 to take home. OMG !
An aha moment and the story ends there…

Just as much as a new one begins the next morning…

A brand new step into the world of quilting; empowered with a new sewing machine, that with every stitch, reminds me
-of taking up a new hobby and proving my worth
-of making that one additional cathedral window
-of adding the last minute dash of red hand embroidery
-of binding the mini quilt for the first time in my life
-of not giving up when the task was tough

And for taking ‘The road not taken’…


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