At the beginning of the year I had completed 100 hand pieced hexagon flowers. However, the project somehow took a backseat after that and by the time I regained my senses, more than half the year had passed by. Now I want to get into the groove again and show some discipline and dedication that the project demands.

Here is a picture of how I conceptualized it. The real flowers of course would be in variegated fabric and not in monotones as in this picture.

I calculated that it would need at least 600 hexies from the background fabric(more if I plan to make a straight line border) and with 6 a day this would take more than three months to finish.
Hmmmm…. a daunting task!

And this leg of the journey wouldn’t be as colorful as the flowers were. It would be hexies in a neutral shade. Lets see how I face this…