A cartwheel quilt. Enough said !

Actually not, wanted to tell you how much I love the hot pink and the black in white paisleys.They are so contrasting in their character that they make a good pair. I just started off on a whim and am soooooo happy that it turned out well.

My little one gets to show off all the quilts. Each of the cartwheel blocks are 16inches square…three of them on each side makes a 48 inch square quilt. Quite a large quilt for a new born, so maybe a good one for a four year old 🙂
Haven’t thought about the end use yet.

Also, the learning from the quilt is that stiff fabric make better edges…since both the fabric used here are soft, getting the pieces to match was slightly difficult.
The other learning for me was that quilt tops take no time to fall in place like magic. So to complete the quilt I must have the batting and the rear fabric ready at home.

Now that the quilt top is ready, I ma waiting of the rear fabric to arrive.
Raring to go !

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