My cousin came over this Saturday afternoon. She has been in Mumbai for a couple of months now and her busy student campus schedule has hardly given her time to move out of campus. As she is leaving for our home town this Monday so she decided to come over and meet us. What a relief to see family and how one just enjoys their company… So all said, a lovely weekend.

I made her this mug rug…it was half finished on my design wall and she just loved it. so I added some border and off it went.

Family meets are also characterized by relaxing good tasting meals:

Spaghetti with mutton peperoni along with Karachi biscuits breakfast. A friend got these Karachi biscuits from Hyderabad…they are extremely fattening and hence, possibly taste great !

simple Indian Chicken curry, rice and boondi raita for lunch and cold coffee with banana muffins for the evening.

Then finally followed by some raisin and chocolate muffins for kiddos tiffin to school over the week. The recipe is the same as my chocolate chip muffins..just added a few raisins to it.