Its time to work out my own triangles in solid shades—some neutral with splashes of colour. The first colour chart looked like this. But soon after I realized I didn’t have any plum so just replaced it with peachy orange.

Normally I would have worked out the triangles as HSTs, but these are not in pairs so I cut them into triangles and joined them back to form squares with one half in each colour…arranging them in fours to stitch squares and then joining them to form the entire quilt.

The initial picture I coloured is not the same as the square arrangement which is not the same as the quilt. I love the surprise element rather than fretting too much on the arrangement.

Realized too soon that the actual arrangement of triangles didn’t matter. Its the splashes of colour amongst the neutral and the colour blocking that makes it look like a piece of art. I had prepared a 5″ template from OHP slide and used it to cut the pieces…it just make the process of cutting fabric in the required size a lot easier and faster. The quilt top came up faster than I thought it would.

Absolutely loved this quilt top.