2013 – The road not taken …yet!


A quilter needs her path to be defined at the beginning of the year so that at the end she can check where her quilting foot has been during the course of the year.

Thus to give direction to the quilting head, a ‘to do’ list is necessary. I am aware that the actual course of the year would look different from the designed path to accommodate new ideas that germinate throughout the year, yet would want to complete the following few:

1. Sew at least one bag
2. Make at least one large quilt-anything larger than a baby quilt qualifies as large.
3. Learn to crochet beyond the basic stitches
4. Do some sashiko – the Indian version is called Kantha
5. Make lots of small gift items like pot holders, mug rugs, small pouches et al
6. Schedule giveaways on the blog
7. Learn some fabric painting
8. Take the WIPs further- try and finish them.
9. Make a handmade item for grandmom in law, maybe a granny strip blanket, teh final idea is yet to crystallize
10. Take part in at least one international swap during the year
11. Make quilts for family
12. Repair my own clothes. While quilting is interesting and exciting, mending never is, so a heap of clothes sit in my cupboard waiting for being repaired. I am so loathe of this activity that I just go and buy new clothes instead of repairing the old ones, which at times, just require a 10 min stitch.
13. to be decided…

This is enough for the year as I feel I am tending towards my ambitions getting the better of me!! The list is just to keep me in sync with my “to do” list and to help me get out of a quiler’s block, if I reach one anytime during the year 🙂


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