A new Project

In life, one comes across various kinds of quilting projects.

First, there are projects that you like and you wish you had made one similar to this.
Second, there are those that inspire you, YOU file them safe somewhere at the back of your cranium and one day during a lazy evening walk it turns into something inspirational and a new idea emerges.
There is yet a third category of projects, which when you see them, you want to jump up and grab your laptop screen. These make you feel like you should leave everything else and start making one right away.

My current project belongs to the third category. A little background story on the discovery. I was late to post for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and when I did get to see the post, I found it to be a guest post by Jenelle from Echinops and Aster. I looked at Jenille’s blog and realized that like me she loves crochet, hexagon EPP, hand embroidery and is an amazing quilter. I am just learning all of this so love the fact that Jennile and I have similar likes and this gives me an opportunity to learn from someone, who like me, most probably, is torn between hand projects and machine quilting. I also discovered that she is having a quilt along and I have happily volunteered to join in.

Honeycomb Stitch-Along

In her guest post she had mentioned a particular fusion crochet project and that was my object of affection, right there in front of me. My craving for an ongoing hand project seemed to be satiated the moment I saw this and before the sun turned sides, a beautiful mug rug had emerged. I am long due on a gift fro my friend’s 21 month old. This is definitely going to her son.



Lily's Quilts

The original pattern inspiration is from the crochet blanket at Sewing Daisies.


5 thoughts on “A new Project

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  1. You are so sweet! 🙂 I AM torn between the machine and hand stitching quite often (totally spot-on!), but it’s really fun to dabble in both, especially if you can work them into the same project. I think we’re really alike in that way. 🙂
    Your fusion crochet mug-rug looks great! I like the classic black and red combo.

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