Yet another goodie bag and in the true nature of Valentine’s day…predominated by the colour of red. Here is a surprise that came in the very next day. A bag of gifts from Singer with a notepad, calendar, 2 pens, 4 pencils and some pamphlets. Its so sweet of the Singer folks to send me stuff.

And on another note, my fusion crochet blanket seems to be progressing well. 2 days and 2 pieces ready ! That’s the fastest that any project has ever moved 🙂
Some quick math shows that if I continued with the present pace of completing one block a day, a 24 piece blanket would be ready in a month with a week to spare for joining the blocks together. I feel nostalgic calculating like this…back in school and college, while revising for an upcoming exam, I would calculate and recalculate the pace of revision required to complete the entire course…sometimes I proved the calculation right, sometimes not…but it was fun to calculate.
If I increase the quilt size it to a square 6X6 quilt, even then, the quilt should be done by march end.