August gathering

I realized I have been bitten by the crochet bug yet again when I tried making several versions of crochet hexagon flowers. When I searched for free tutorials on the net, I changed upon many colourful versions of the African Hexagon flower. But I wanted something that was simple and exotic.

By no way I am saying I don’t like the African Hexagon flower, ‘coz that’s going to be my next project but currently Red Heart LW3284 caught my fancy. Even after trying multiple attempts I couldn’t get it right…gave up unhappily knowing that the pattern possibly had a misprint.


But I gave up just the pattern, not the idea. Soon I stumbled upon the Crochet hexagon Throw again from Red Heart. the flower turned out beautiful, somewhat 3 dimensional and absolutely adorable…I just didn’t have 5 coloured wool to go for it. Went to The HAB too to pick up some wool. But that being a Thursday, they were closed .
Pattern 2 also had to be discarded for lack of availability of raw materials. I almost make it sound like a brick and mortar project 😦 just a lot more colourful and desirable !

Here are the first two attempts :


Third time lucky and I got a youtube video from Super crochet mom. The pattern is simple and something I could make using just double crochet stitches, I love them …they are my favourite stitches from the lot and whats more, they make beautiful looking hexagon flower.


The target now is to complete 20 of these in 30 days.
Adding to my my target for August:
A Lovely Year of Finishes


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  1. Hi, Sonalee! First of all, lovely crocheted hexie! Secondly, I’m replying to your comment on my giveaway blogpost because you are coming up as a no-reply blogger. You might want to email me directly with your email address, in case you win! My email is salliesue (at) clearwire (dot) net.

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