Book:Inside the Box

I read Indian authors in English. that’s my general style of reading…and literary classics of course; but those I read a long time back. Sometimes on a rainy day with a cup of coffee in hand I do tend to get back to a Thomas Hardy and read it all over again but those instances are few and far between. Recently, I have tried diversifying into science fiction, the Dean Koontz kind.
I picked up Inside the Box from Profile Books as it talks of creativity. What got me interested was the fact that it speaks of creative thinking and implementation in a very methodological way. Creativity, I believe, is something you are born with: either you have it or you don’t. But the book refers to it as an acquired skill…like maybe engineering or analytics. That sounds interesting and I am always open to new ideas and thinking.

Photo; profile books

As I begin the book, the preamble speaks of a method called ‘Systematic Inventive thinking’, commonly referred to in the book as the ‘Inside the Box’ theory. It goes on to explain how the method will ‘open ones eyes to a whole new world of innovation’.
I have always been chary of books on management gyan. Hope this proves to be different.


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