A project Bag

I’d rather call it a quick finish and glad that it didn’t join my list of WIPs.

Of late, I have been completely engrossed in the granny square afghan as I set myself a personal target of 20 blocks a week. This week, we had a mid week holiday and as I finished my day’s quota of blocks early in the morning, I set out to do something different. Granny square afghan is the first large project that I am undertaking in crochet and every large project deserves a dedicated project bag, in which, I can stow away as another WIP.

Just joking…I have every intention of completing it on schedule before the winter chill wanes off.


Now about the bag:
I wanted the bag dedicated to the project so the colour combination needed to match. After a little deliberation, I realized that for 5 bright colours to be sewn in, it had to either be a rainbow or a peacock. A quick free hand peacock diagram translated into 5 colourful peacocks in running stitch and lazy dazy.


After the hand embroidery, I took 4 pieces of 12X15 inches: 2 top cloth and 2 lining fabric choosing a lovely shot cotton for the top and a green fabric with stripes for the lining…finally sewing it into a simple tote with a 1.5inch base.


A twist in the tale 🙂 , the handles are half and half. One half is green and the other is in green stripes of the total 20inch handle.

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