The first half of the day was spent making this block. Yes! you read it right…its the singular form of the ‘block’ and trust me, the entire first half! Not because the block is difficult, its rather easy and interesting, but the decision to take up another project while a pile of UFOs already occupy a larger share of my table space took time.
But I just loved the block construction and wanted to give it a try the first time I saw the book cover!


This block is a landmark in my quilting career:
(a) Because I have set a steep target of making my sister a quilt before her next birthday, which, I must tell you is right around the corner and
(b) because its piecing a block, cutting it into 4 squares, rearranging and stitching them back again
and I am quite afraid of getting those thousand points in place, if cutting-piecing-cutting-repiecing wasnt intimidating enough!!

The second half of the day was spent in making these 12 core blocks that translated into a total of 5 blocks(each 24″ X 24″). 9 more blocks need to cut-sewn-cut…and so on.

These are the larger blocks as detailed here

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along