Sunday Stash

I have been drooling over this book since it released.


I have gone though all reviews written about the book, all quilts made, the quilt along and read all those articles that have been linked as part of the quilt along with entire blogs of Katie, faith and Lee…now that is a border lien obsession of sorts !! So the first time I figured out that the book was available in India( can be procured by online agencies and delivered) I quickly placed my order. While I have ordered books online on multiple occasions, they are usually books that are there in stock and are delivered in the next 24 hrs. Here, however, it was an international publication so had to be procured. I jumped up with joy when I reached home from office and saw it on my desk in the evening. And I must admit, the book is a lot better than all the reviews…it feels so much worth it . Can’t decide which quilt top to start first.

I am so happy! A special thanks to the authors Katie, Lee and Faith.

Molli Sparkles

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  1. I love this book. One word of warning. There are a few patterns with errors so be sure to check the errata before starting any of the projects. (I discovered this after getting half way through the cross-hatch bag.) Hope you have lots of fun with the great projects in this book.

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