My elder sis loves the colour Turquoise, hence the stole was easy to pick up…colours that she loves šŸ™‚ But the border became a real challenge. I wanted a crochet border…something that didn’t sit on the fabric but was an extension, something that was cute and smart,something that was easy and quick.Too many specification !! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

photo 2

I practically searched all Pinterest crochet boards, sites and nudged all my crochet friends multiple times to help me with this.Finally in a cute little blog-OnceuponaPinkMoon, I found this easy and lovely border. Here is the link to the tutorial

But that’s not all. The stole is soft muslin and I wanted to crinkle it like those cotton and mulmul(muslin) we buy. So I had a quick idea of dipping it in rice water starch and draining out the excess. Then I let it dry in the shade as it is. And viola! what looked like a simple piece of fabric, converted itself into a beautiful scarf. Now, off it goes to the postman !!

photo 1

A tutorial for the border can be found on here site at the link above. As I tend to forget crochet patters, I am just making some notes here for the muslin scarf.
1. Take a muslin scarf and sew a 1/4″ border all around(make it the size u want,tutorial is size agnostic)
2. Make equidistant buttonhole stitches around the seam. I made them at around 1/2″ distance. No need to measure…just eyeball. Typically you can fir 3 chains in that space, but depends on your wool/thread.
3. Start from one end and make a loop.Tie the crochet wool with a single and chain 6.
4. Insert hook on the 3rd chain from hook and make 3 double crochet, always retaining the last stitch on the hook. You will have 4 loops on the hook at the end.
5.Pull through all hooks to bunch them. Now you have one single loop on the look.
5. Make a second bunch . Turn over and close on the same spot to form a bubble.
6.Chain 3 and close with a single crochet at the base(on the horizontal space between 2 buttonhole bars).
7. start next bubble with 6 more chains. Repeat until you reach the end.