Completed this scarf with a flower garland crochet border this morning.

scarf 2

Its a lovely turquoise printed muslin scarf with an easy handmade crochet border.

scarf 1

The border is on two sides so that the scarf can be worn with a ‘V’ in front.

Here is a tutorial for my version of the crochet garland. Its easy and quick.

Chain 20 (part of this is the stalk)
Slip stitch on 6th chain from hook to get a circle
Chain 2 and turn so that you form the flower away from the stalk
DC into the circle
Chain 2
Single crochet
all into the circle space
This forms the first petal
Repeat (2ch-Dc-2Ch-SC) for as many petals you need
Since I used wool, I could fit only 5 petals per flower
Continue with 20 chains and repeat from beginning for as long as you need your edging to be.
Close with a slip slip stitch

scarf 3

Attach this to your scarf with the chains hanging out of the fabric. This gives it a lovely dressy look. But you can always stitch the flower crochet border with the flowers towards the border and the stalks inside.

I learnt to make the flower crochet border from here

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