Handmade item Giveaway: Tote

A nice library tote came together this morning . A lovely, easy, on the go tote to carry a book or two with a notepad.
What’s more, it’s really easy to make and takes a little less than an hour to make. I like the strawberry fabric of the bag and it beautifuly complements the flowers in the bag strap. It’s roughly 12″X14″ and long straps ensure it hangs by your side as you go shopping for more fabric 🙂


I am giving away this tote for the Sew mama Sew – handmade items giveaway at their site.


The giveaway if open to international participants.
You can participate by leaving me a comment on this post, telling me places that you carry your tote to…library, fabric shopping or some other place 🙂 For an additional entry, you can follow my blog.

Connie Cain wins this giveaway! Congratulation Connie, have mailed you.


43 thoughts on “Handmade item Giveaway: Tote

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  1. Throughout the week I find things, or buy them, that my son needs at his house. His disabilities mean that he lives with a very tight budget. I usually have a paper bag by the back door where I stash these things until I visit on the weekend. This lovely fabric tote will be much more attractive hanging on a hook near the door than a paper grocery bag on the floor.

  2. I carry my totes everywhere with me. Library, shopping, garden etc. Thanks for the chance. Love strawberries
    clunsford at gmail dot com

  3. I would take my handmade tote to the thrift store, to search for re-useable fabric!
    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Jacqueline in Pitt Meadows

  4. I used to carry a tote almost anywhere when I lived in the US, grocery store, library, picnics, lake, etc. Now I mostly carry it with snacks if we are going out for a walk or picnic and also to the market to carry veggies an fruit home.

  5. I carry totes to my knitting group, spinning group, my classroom, and to the local library. I always seem to have more than one bag at all times.

  6. I take my totes everywhere! I’ve always got one rolled up in my purse because I dislike crinkly crunchy noisy plastic bags, but love the feel of a soft cotton handle in my hand, and pretty fabric to snazz up my shopping trip.
    My SIL likes strawberries, so I would love to share this cute bag with her! Come visit my giveaway too, if you’d like. I made a bag, too. 😉

  7. Lovely bag! I carry a tote with me to the library and farmer’s market. Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I carry a fabric tote to the quilt shop. New fabric goes into the tote to keep it free of dog hair–our car seems to be constantly covered in it.

  9. Activity bag for the park and car trips and church. Hope your summer is filled with balanced activities and relaxation 🙂

  10. I carry totes everywhere. I usually have a small crochet project in them and carry to the bus stop, at doctor’s appointments, waiting for kids at school, etc. Thanks for participating! 🙂

  11. I use a tote for my sheet music when I go to choir practice, and I desperately need a new one, the old one is going to pieces!

    jachelno at gmail dot com

  12. I would use it for outings where waiting is involved, so that I can tote my water, tablet, snacks, etc. Thanks! wonderlandbyalyce(at)gmail(dot)com

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