As Monsoon sets in, dark cloudy days are ahead ! So the last of the fabric lot is in cheerful summer hues to keep the spirits soaring high.

SS_15Jun a

Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, that’s the only time when Mumbai looks green and beautiful. It somehow romnticizes the mundane daily chores and makes one bear the daily grind…

There is a set of coordinated prints: yellow, green, brown; 2 cyan and sea blue mix,1 pink flower fabric (wish I had it before I cut up fabric for the latest quilt, would have used some of it). Along with this, what i spotted was some fine white wool that looks like rice noodles and 4 pairs of socks. Monsoon is usually cooler her and a pair of socks would just be fine for a darling gift for a close one.
SS_15Jun b

I plan to have a crochet border on these and the rice noodle wool seems to be the best fit as wool would provide the much needed stretch character to the border as against cotton thread.