A friend is recovering from a surgery and yellow is her favourite colour. Originally, I planned to just send her this yellow bright polka-dot hot pad but this morning as I chanced upon a pin, a very bright sunny coaster on Pinterest, I wanted to make her a pair and send across along with the hot pad. This being the month of Ramzaan she would be fasting the entire day. I just hope she likes my gifts and uses it in the evening when she breaks her fast, at the time of Iftar 🙂


the yellow coasters are from a tutorial by Marie, from her blog and can be found here. However I will just reiterate it here, more to myself so I can fall back to this when I want to make a few more.


(adapted from Marie with only change in language, no change in instruction. she is the owner of the design and tutorial)

Row 1: Chain 4 and join with slip stitch to form a ring

Row2: Chain 3 which forms the first double crochet(DC) and continue with 11 more DCs and ens with a slip stitch on the 3rd chain that you initially started the row with. Total 12 DCs, with 11 of them originating from the well of the ring.

Row 3: Again start with 3 chain, one DC into the same hole from where the chain originated and then 2 DC in each of the holes from there on; 24 DCs in all.

Row 4:
chain 2, which is considered the first HDC and then made another HDC into the same hole. Continue with 2HDCs in each hole.

Row 5: The rays of the sun: chain 5, then turn back on the same chain and after missing 1 stitch, 1SC, 1HDC, 1DC and 1TC. This forms the triangle. join it to the base after 5 chains with a Slip stitch, followed by a single crochet in the next chain. proceed with the other triangles similarly and close when done with a loop.

Cut yarn after leaving an inch. Using a crochet hook thread in the yarn end into the coaster labyrinth so as to make it disappear into your work.

This is a very easy coaster pattern and took me a lot lesser than an hour to make a pair. One can make half a dozen in different colours to help identify wine glasses for guests. The final size of the coasters turned out to bee 4.5inch each.