Book Review: Cold fire Dean Koontz

Unputdownable and gripping ! Just two words to describe the book which has been on the bestseller list.

I moved from the sofa to the chair to the bed…through breakfast, lunch and dinner, I just read it through to the end. An amazing story line with the right degree of suspense and horror(if I may say so!). I don’t like horror stories as such but I like Dean Koontz and sci-fi, the way he writes them and this book is Koontz all the way; the way he describes Jim Ironheart’s blue eyes to the way he explains the failed career of Holly Thorne, just raring to take on an adventure! This is one of the finest stories in his repertoire.

For the love of a ten-year old for his parents and grandparents, his guilt, his denial and ultimate catharsis, this book is definitely worth a read.


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