Happy New Year everybody!

As the new year rolls in, I feel excited to look back at what I have been able to achieve in 2014 and herald the New Year, 2015 with renewed energy, vigour and new quilting goals…

image source: Internet

image source: Internet

Here are they in a To-Do format so its easier to strike them off as the year progresses:

1.Make at least one quilt/sew item for myself
2.Sew more: as if that needed writing down 🙂
3.Write at least one pattern
4.Participate in at least one sew along and get dedicated to one project (ms multitasking needs to focus 😉 )
5.Participate in at least 4 swaps and get to know lovely ladies with sewing hobbies around the world
6.Make at least make 12 things from my Pinterest boards
7.Meet up more virtual friends in person
8.Host giveaways
9.Make at least one wearable item
10.Make at least one large quilt in the year.