My first table top

A few days back India completed its 65th Republic Day celebration and true to the colours I wanted to complete a project in saffron, white and green, some blue added… When I saw these lovely polka dotted hexies, Anjeanette’s hexie tables runner came to mind. I promptly got the hexies and started the project. But then, a long weekend and trip out of town didn’t do any good to the project(the tone sounds like  I am sulking but I love a holiday).


This Saturday morning I sat down for some hand-sewing and completed the EPP hexies. Wanted a table runner with no holes so while I followed Anjeannet’s idea, ensured I took a whole cloth and fixed the hexie lace on top. It required so many pins, I almost died cursing myself for not making additional white hexies and attaching them in the rear.


Here is the completed table topper.And like everything else in the house, needs a good press on a hot iron.What I would do differently the next time is that I would definitely add some batting,how, I still have no clue as turning around the hexies becomes extremely difficult. But this one, sure can do with a bit if loft.


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