Paper piecing is fun. I love the fact that the points align perfectly and the seams look crisp.
Attempted letters for the first time and they turned out well.This mini quilt is for a giveaway on a quilty fb page I am the admin and creator for. The month’s theme is love owing to Valentine’s day. A monthly giveaway is due and I wanted to sew something apt for the purpose.I feel this mini quilt will turn out to be smart and lovable 🙂

Mini quilt

The tutorial is from what kelbysews posted on sewmamasew.I am happy with the outcome…now for some innovative quilting on it and it will be ready by month end for the winner.

Tips for paper piecing: Check check check before cutting and sewing. And then, check again. Iron at every step, but that I guess goes without saying with anything while you quilt…