The Indian mini quilt

The India Quilt Guild on facebook had a mini quilt competition and the theme was ‘traditional’. I wanted to make something using Indian traditional fabric from Eastern and Western India.

The cycle of life

From the west, I chose a white fabric that has black warli print on it. Warli is a tribal artfrm from Maharastra. From the East, I chose 2 Sambalpuri fabric from Orissa in Earth Brown and Black with the same print. Since the fabric is woven using mercerised yarn it wouldn’t hold ironing. I had a tough time making it lie flat and even.


The pattern of the mini quilt if Januaryblock from Lady Harvantine. Its the first pattern I have bought online and absolutely loved it. Plan to make at least one more quilt from it, but will definitely use a fabric that holds shape more conveniently.



I see that my binding has improved significantly from the earlier versions. Practice makes perfect 🙂

Tips and Learning: While curve piecing, pins are ones best friend. Also, when working on a large curve as you are sewing on the bias, it makes more sense to start at the centre and go all the way to one end, then start from the centre again on the other side and sew towards the other end.

What the kid learnt: He learnt about circles and rings and curves. he isn’t old enough to know segments or area or perimeter but was glad to see the secondary rings falling into place.


3 thoughts on “The Indian mini quilt

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  1. Leena, this is stunning! I love seeing the varied fabrics, combined in your miniquilt. Is there a source for them or fabrics like them online?
    Be well,

  2. Therese, these are fabric from back home. Will try and send you some that I have currently after making this quilt 🙂

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