Dog gone Cute

This is my first blog hop and I am so glad that Lorna from Sew fresh quilts has been extremely kind to give me an opportunity to take part in the blog hop. I am sincerely grateful to her for this.

Being the first time, I was a little confused about the time to post, with me believing I could post any time during the day and the expectation was that it should be up by the beginning of the day when the sun rises in the far east. My bad! Sincere apologies…

But now the dogs are here and super duper adorable. I love them!!

I started with picking some coordinated Indian fabric in two colours to go with a grey background from my stash!

Indian Fabric
Indian Fabric

I went on to attempt the dogs, one in grey and one in blue…

Dog Gone cute
Dog Gone cute


While they looked ok when pieced, the entire look changed to a different level and cuteness surpassed all boundaries when the final table top was ready.
Here it is in all its splendour, in white light and then in yellow !

Dog gone cute
Dog gone cute


I have a hunch that its not going to move from the center table in a long long time.

The binding is a double 1.5″ bind with grey to match the grey Aurifil I had in hand and love so much. I like its flow and the seamless sewing that one achieves with the Aurifil. Hassle free thread and cute pieced dogs…what more can one ask for 🙂

Sew Fresh Quilts

Go check out here for other participants and stay tuned for more !

23 thoughts on “Dog gone Cute

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  1. I love the fabric you chose for your cute little pooches! I think I would keep it on the table for quite sometime too. How can you not be happy when you look at those little faces??

  2. Beautiful fabric. I’m glad you were able to participate in the blog hop so we didn’t miss seeing your cute puppies!

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