Happiness is…

Last weekend I posted about this lovely fabric with quotes. And before the week is done, it has got converted into a lovely baby quilt with quotes!

Baby quilt on the chair
Baby quilt on the chair

The quotes read :

Happiness is …
Listening to old songs
Finally being able to read music
when someone falls in love with the music that you have introduced them to

Baby quilt on the sofa
Baby quilt on the sofa

As the quilt was in red and white and looked quite Christmassy, I tried to FMQ some Holly on it! That part of course needs a lot of practice. I can see the first set of New Year resolutions taking shape for 2016 ha ha ha

FMQ Holly
FMQ Holly

Quilt fabric: Indian
Thread : Aurifil 50/2 2270(Paprika) and 2600(Dove)
Size: 36″ X 48″
Binding: 2″ double binding
Quilt name: Happiness is…

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  1. I liked the way you have used this fabric.The quilt looks lovely. I think I too shall go look for this fabric now.

    1. Thank you Kausalya. You are a constant source of inspiration in getting the combination right 🙂

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