New Year 2016: Quilting et al

Year 2016
Year 2016

2014 was the year of the HST and 2015 was that of the Flying Geese. For 2016, I would like to try something more challenging, say curves, maybe just a drunkard’s path.

The entire year wont be dedicated to just curve piecing, but also expanding the universe from what I have learnt in earlier years, the HSTs(the love of my quilting life), Flying Geese(I tend to fly away with them) and all that in between!

So here is a list of quilty and non quilt things:
1. Focus on health: Yes, that means losing a bit of weight( I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t have this as an annual goal) but more importantly eating healthy and staying fit.
2. Reduce bulk in the house: Giveaway! Sell! Just reduce!!
3. Make one quilt for a family member…maybe two if I need an additional challenge 🙂
4. Try piece quilting with different methods, say sewing all around HST and not sewing across diagonals, single seam flying geese, hand quilt instead of machine quilt a snugly quilt, try a new kind of binding etc…
5. Submit a quilt to a magazine, focus is on completing and submitting rather than getting featured. Would love it if I am featured of course 🙂
6. Sew something for myself…I don’t sew clothes but I will try one this year like last year.
7. Sew something for the home: some cushion covers, a table runner, some coasters, maybe a curtain…
8. Make at least one crochet projects.
9. Read more books than what I did in 2015.

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