Valentine Quilt

Aha! A valentine’s Day mini quilt and my first quilt finish for the year…

I recently participated in the #winningloveminiswap on Instagram and made this mini for my partner so as to reach her by Feb. Since, its a secret quilt swap I will not name her here; would come back and edit after she receives it 🙂

A while back, my friend had gifted me this Rainbow fabric . I remembered seeing these lovely heart block tutorials and used both to come up with a design for the mini quilt.


Am so happy with the outcome, want to make a large snuggly family quilt with multi coloured hearts now 🙂

The completed rainbow hearts looked so colourful on my bed…


Some midnight quilting and…


and some morning echo quilting! and it was complete 🙂


Used Frixion to mark the fabric as ironing at each stage removes them
While sewing the background fabric to the printed heart fabric, align and sew the bottom fabric first so that in case there is a little mismatch it can be corrected at this stage. The small background fabric(here white) are on both sides of the bar so if the printed bars are found to be wider or narrower than required it would be difficult to adjust without ripping the stitches.

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