A sampler scrap quilt

The month has been slow in terms of sewing and I wanted to start something that has the right degree of challenge and pace. Since the sewing mojo is low, it should consist of small gratifying projects; is what I feel.

Thinking so, I started flipping through my little stash of quilting books. What came up was 100 Modern Quilt blocks by Tula Pink. I quickly recollected having seen a Pin by Alison Gamm and adding it to my endless ‘to do’ list.

So, here are the first two blocks…

Tula Pink Block 1
Tula Pink Block 1

A nice way to pace out a long and slow project. The Plan being such:
2 blocks a week= 100 blocks in 50 weeks and 2 weeks to finish the quilt top, basting, quilting and binding.

Tula Pink Block 2
Tula Pink Block 2

Naaaah! two weeks is too short a time as it would give me just 2 weekends. But, well begun is half done…so lets get this movement started.

This project should have taken off at the beginning of the year.So, somewhere down the line, I plan to cover up on lost time(yeeah right! like it ever happens)…

This will all be in Blue-grey-white colour scheme and from my existing stash(mainly scraps). This project will definitely not be used as an excuse to buy new fabric…ha ha ha Thats a tall claim!

Anyone , joining me?

You can leave a comment with details and I will go visit your page.


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